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Why Use Us?

Fulcrum Automotive Solutions vehicle rental service

For a number of organisations, vehicle rental is an integral part of the mobility solutions that they provide to their customers or employees.

The delivery of this service to your customers reflects upon your own brand and therefore it is critical that your customers’ expectations are met.

Selecting the right rental suppliers, defining the right service levels, negotiating the best rental rates together with defining and implementing the processes that support your business model are all key to achieving the best solution for your organisation.

The traditional approach is to contract with a single supplier and manage the rental transactions yourself.

In today’s economic climate it is unlikely that this will deliver the right combination of service and cost effectiveness that both you and your customers need.

Fulcrum Automotive Solutions vehicle rental service

The benefits you can expect to achieve by selecting Fulcrum Automotive as your managing partner are:

  • Supplier Management - real-time management of suppliers driving continuous improvement
  • Service Levels - enforcement of supplier agreed Service Levels backed with relevant financial penalties
  • Allocation Optimisation - the right vehicle from the right supplier at the right cost
  • Transparency - full understanding of your rental costs and service delivery
  • Risk avoidance - protection from supply problems, supplier failure and supplier migration

Our experience of the rental sector makes us your first choice for rental management.